Producer of nonwovens and fillers

PIANEX, a manufacturer of nonwovens and fillers, is a company with traditions, basing its services on many years of experience and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. The offer includes fibers used in many industries. Our clients are manufacturers of upholstered furniture, mattresses, footwear, as well as companies providing services in the field of construction and thermal insulation.


Services tailored to individual needs

Continuous development and investments in the machinery park mean that we offer our customers a diverse range. The products are available in standard dimensions and grammages, however, at the client's special request, we adjust the parameters to the indicated guidelines.

As a manufacturer of nonwovens, we make every effort to ensure that our products are characterized by high durability and fulfill their functions in selected industry sectors. Therefore, the process of creating the final product is complex and consists of stages, thanks to which it gains thermal insulation and flame-retardant properties as well as resistance to stretching and tearing.

We also provide advice from our specialists when choosing a non-woven fabric and  filling , the most important parameters of which will meet the requirements of the industry in which you operate.

We attach great importance to pro-ecological activities. In the last few years, we have managed to recycle all the waste generated during production. 





We sell needled nonwoven. We use fibers of synthetic origin. Thanks to the thermal treatment, the felt is durable and has thermal insulation properties. We also sell white and colored stockings. It's a fluffy and  light material. Perfect for filling products manufactured between.

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We buy machines used in the textile industry. Our qualified team has the competence and experience in the relocation of individual machines as well as entire lines. We also provide maintenance and modernization services. We provide technical consulting and construction of production lines for companies specializing in.

Machines for sale

In our offer you will find textile machines for sale. The announcements contain the most important information and parameters of the models. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Filc a ekologia

Is felt a material that can completely decompose?

Felt is one of the most popular textile products. This material has many applications, which affects its popularity. It is used in the clothing and footwear industry, but also in transport and construction. Why is felt so good in various industries? Due to its authoritative nature. It is one of the oldest textile products that has not been harmed by time, on the contrary! Although felt is the material we use every day, we usually don't think about how long the material has a lifetime. And the decomposition time of felt affects not only the ecology, but also the reliability of products.

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pochodzenie filcu

Is needle punched non-woven fabric an animal product?

Needled non-woven fabric - more widely known as felt - is a material with a fairly wide range of applications. As manufacturers of felt, we offer it for use in the furniture, footwear, glass and even automotive industries. Many industries nowadays have an ethics in which the use of substitutes for animal products is essential. Therefore, it is worth finding out if the needled non-woven fabric performs this function.

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Filcowe buty

Felt boots. Not only rubber boots!

Felt is a textile product that we associate mainly with plastic works, handicrafts and popular galoshes, the so-called gummy bears. Few know that, in fact, the use of felt is much wider. Find out what else it is used for.

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