Relocation of individual machines and entire lines

We provide services of external and internal relocation of textile machines. We have many years of experience gained during the implementation of orders throughout Europe and many countries around the world. We have the knowledge and competences that allow us to provide support during disassembly of machines, as well as during their restart. We have logistic facilities that allow us to carry out even complex orders in the field of relocation of machines and entire production lines.


Logistics and technical consulting

We support our clients during the process of relocation of machines and production lines, providing them with assistance in the areas of logistics. Relocation is a complex process that, with the right skills and knowledge, will only hold a given area of ​​production for a short period of time. The activities that need to be performed include much more than the transport from point A to point B. Therefore, for each relocation we prepare an individually tailored plan that allows for the efficient course of all activities.


The scope of our services

We offer disassembly of the machine or production line to a form that allows for safe transport. The scope of our services includes loading, transport and unloading. We have a transport fleet adapted to transport heavy machinery. Then we set the machine at its destination and we connect the pneumatic and hydraulic systems as well as the electrical system. The final step is to restart the machines.


maszyna rolnicza


maszyna rolnicza