We produce needle - punched nonwoven fabrics and fillings used in many industrial sectors. We use fibers of synthetic origin, such as polyester and polypropylene, which are subjected to a complex treatment that gives them not only the right form, but above all features that enable them to be used in the furniture, automotive, steel or footwear industries.


Manufacturer of polyester non-woven fabric
Nonwovens and fillings

We manufacture non-woven poliester products for many years, during which we have been perfecting our services and products, introducing innovative solutions and expanding our machinery park. Thanks to this, we can offer high-quality needle punched nonwoven fabric with a wide range of applications, characterized by resistance to abrasion and stretching. Moreover, polyester nonwovens are characterized by low flammability.

The product can have dimensions and weight adjusted to the customer's needs. Geotextile is a  polyester non-woven fabric made of raw materials resistant to biodegradation factors. Thanks to this, it can be successfully used in the melioration industry as a protection for drainage systems.

Our offer also includes a wide selection of fillings. Pullet, granules and chips are durable and light materials, used as an insert for duvets, animal beds, plush toys, as well as upholstered furniture. We offer the stocking both in white and in color.