V-LAP nonwoven fabric


Struto is a nationally unique and highly advanced technology of producing nonwovens, in which the fibers in the fleece are oriented in the vertical plane of the product.

The search for new technological solutions is primarily the result of the growing demand for filling and thermal insulation materials due to the widespread use of the product in the final product, e.g. a mattress.

The spatial, porous structure created as a result of the Struto technology is characterized by greater elasticity (quick return to the initial thickness of nonwovens subjected to loading), resistance to compression and deformation compared to commonly used polyurethane foams or standard nonwovens serving mainly as filling or thermal insulation materials.

The nonwovens obtained by the Struto technique are much lighter than the commonly used needle punched nonwovens and more elastic than the fluffy thermoplastic nonwovens.

The Struto technology has a positive effect both on the physical properties of the material (surface weight and thickness), on the uniformity of the structure of the resulting non-woven fabric and on the characteristics of, e.g. to their mechanical and filtration properties. The significantly developed (accordion) total filtration surface compared to e.g. needle-punched nonwovens obtained thanks to the Struto technology (pleated structure of the product) has a significant impact, among others on the filtering properties and the effectiveness of retaining dirt particles on a given surface with a simultaneous low air flow resistance.

Struto nonwovens are used, among others:

  • in the upholstered furniture industry as filling materials,
  • in the automotive industry - soundproofing materials
  • in construction - thermal and sound insulation materials.