Through partnership with AUTEFA Solutions, you can purchase used machines & parts from Autefa, Fehrer, FOR and Strahm easy through us..
Our aim is to offer you high-quality machines, but also a comprehensive service so that you can get your machine up and running quickly and efficiently.
In addition to this strong partnership, we proudly bear the "AUTEFA APPROVED" seal of quality. This seal stands for the highest quality standards and reliability.
As a certified dealer, we are committed to meeting AUTEFA's first-class standards and thus offering you the highest level of reliability, quality and service.

The advantages for our customers include also:

  • Providing of technical documentation
  • Customised offers for original spare parts
  • Help with installation and professional support
  • Machine assessments for quality assurance
  • Original upgrade recommendations to improve the performance of your system


Machines - purchase, service, relocation

As a company with extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the textile industry, we not only supply filling and  needle-punched non-woven fabric for various industry sectors, but also comprehensive service in the field of textile machinery. Our specialists are competent in the field of service and relocation of both individual machines and entire production lines. We also buy and sell textile machinery.

Service and relocation of textile machines


We have specialist knowledge, logistic skills, as well as appropriate authorizations, thanks to which our machine relocation services run efficiently and economically. Our qualified team has gained experience during numerous projects from Polish and foreign clients. The service is fully comprehensive - we provide support during disassembly, to start-up the machines after their re-placement.
We provide maintenance services including modernization of controls, power lines and drive boxes. We will carry out a comprehensive overhaul that will improve the efficiency and accuracy of the machine.

Purchase of textile machinery

We offer purchase of textile machines. We invite customers who have for sale textile needlewomen, jerking lines, heating chambers and other types of machines used in the textile industry.