Filc a ekologia

Is felt a material that can completely decompose?

Felt is one of the most popular textile products. This material has many applications, which affects its popularity. It is used in the clothing and footwear industry, but also in transport and construction. Why is felt so good in various industries? Due to its authoritative nature. It is one of the oldest textile products that has not been harmed by time, on the contrary! Although felt is the material we use every day, we usually don't think about how long the material has a lifetime. And the decomposition time of felt affects not only the ecology, but also the reliability of products.

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pochodzenie filcu

Is needle punched non-woven fabric an animal product?

Needled non-woven fabric - more widely known as felt - is a material with a fairly wide range of applications. As manufacturers of felt, we offer it for use in the furniture, footwear, glass and even automotive industries. Many industries nowadays have an ethics in which the use of substitutes for animal products is essential. Therefore, it is worth finding out if the needled non-woven fabric performs this function.

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granulat z pianki PUR

How is PUR foam granulate made?

In order to obtain granules from PUR foam, its base material must first be produced, i.e. PUR foam, the name of which is an abbreviation of the material known as  polyurethane foam.

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Is polyester stocking suitable for filling sleeping bags?

The jersey is the general name for a class of materials that have the common feature of being recycled from  textile waste . The scraps, which are a by-product of the production of various types of materials, are shredded and thus a so-called shredder is obtained. Such processing, apart from textile waste, also covers textile and knitting waste.

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włóknina poliestrowa

What is a polyester fleece?

A polyester non-woven fabric is a type of non-woven fabric that is made, as the name suggests, from polyester. But what is the type of material itself, which is a non-woven fabric, regardless of what material it is made of? Non-woven fabric is a textile product that is obtained from layers of fibers by means of felting, gluing, needling or sewing. These processes begin with the application of a sticky substance, for example a resin, to the given fiber layer. Then, depending on the technique, the effect is achieved, which consists in pulling and entangling the fibers with each other. In modern technology,  hydrodynamic needling or compressed air are used to  entangle the fibers .

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pianka poliuretanowa

What is the use of polyurethane foam chips?

A polyurethane foam chip is a special type of material made of its base material, i.e., as the name suggests,  polyurethane foam . Its distinguishing feature is its shape. Polyurethane foam fries, also called PUR foam for short, are created by cutting the original foam into short, thin strips, which look a bit like French fries (hence the name).

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Wykorzystanie pianki PUR

PUR foam and moisture. A brief analysis

What is PUR foam? PUR foam is a polyurethane foam that consists of raw materials obtained from crude oil. This foam is used for insulation and thermal insulation. During dosing, this substance reacts with carbon dioxide. This product is used practically in every major renovation work.

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Filcowe buty

Felt boots. Not only rubber boots!

Felt is a textile product that we associate mainly with plastic works, handicrafts and popular galoshes, the so-called gummy bears. Few know that, in fact, the use of felt is much wider. Find out what else it is used for.

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włóknina tapicerska

What elements of upholstered furniture can be made of non-woven fabric?

When we choose the material to fill our furniture, we are looking for a product  of the highest quality and perfect parameters.  There are many solutions on the market, one of them and the best at the same time is  polyester non-woven fabric.

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Geotextiles - what is it?

Geotextiles are products that are used in many areas. From construction to spheres related to everyday life. All thanks to the synthetic material from which they are made, i.e. polyester, polymer or polypropylene fibers. They are characterized by exceptional durability. They arise mechanically, they can, for example, be woven or knitted.

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