Non-woven fabric for upholstered furniture

Non-woven fabric for upholstered furniture is available in various sizes, tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Used between the foam and springs, it is a base layer, securing the spring systems, and also as a protection of sharp furniture edges. Non-woven fabric for the production of upholstered furniture is made of synthetic fibers of high stiffness and strength. Thanks to this, the processed material does not deform and at the same time ensures comfort during use.


Furniture nonwovens - a guarantee of the highest quality

The production of furniture requires from entrepreneurs not only perfect designs that ensure ergonomics when sitting or lying down, but also the use of high-quality materials that will complement the comfort of using armchairs, sofas and sofas. By using our offer, you can guarantee your customers that they meet the highest quality standards.
The proposed furniture non-woven fabric is used for the production of upholstered furniture and mattresses. It provides not only elasticity to the entire product, but also uniformity and durability of connections. Additionally, it exhibits high fire resistance. It can also be used as a softening layer for seats or as a filling layer.
The proposed nonwovens have certificates and approvals confirming their quality.